J-BONEEE (aceagogo) wrote in lowcarb,

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Ok well. I'm basically 14, starting as a freshman in highschool, and I need to lose weight. Everyone I come across tells me that I don't need to lose a pound but I know they're wrong. I guess my stomach is the least of my worries. It's basically flat. But my thighs and my butt are such an issue! I feel gross even mentioning them. When I buy pants, I have to go 3 sizes too big for my waist, just to fit my "problem areas". In skirts/dresses I wear size 0 in juniors when I wear size 4/6 in pants. It's HORRIBLE. I've did the atkins for 2 weeks, and I lost 10lbs. But, I gave in and within a week off of it I gained it all back. I play Field Hockey and pre-season has just started so i'm going to be getting excersize. I played last year two but it didn't help my problem areas whatsoever! It has been suggested that it's just the way i'm built, but I refuse to believe that. I need MAJOR help.
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