amynbrad (amynbrad) wrote in lowcarb,

New here (cross-posted)

My name is Amy and I am on day #2 of Atkins. I used to be very anti-atkins until my husband tried it and lost 40 pounds within a few months. So I decided that I would try as well. I am 5'0" and weigh about 130 pounds (really need to get a better scale). My goal weight is between 105-110 pounds by my brother's wedding, in which I am a bridesmaid, on October 16th. I'm not sure if I can lose 20-25 pounds by then, but I am sure going to try.

Day 1 for me was hard. I didn't have any cravings, but my muscles felt like they do after a strenous workout when you haven't exercised in years. I also had a mild headache all day. I went from eating around 800g of carbs a day to under 20 so that was a big shock to my system. Today being day 2 is the worst. My head is pounding, muscles still sore, feel somewhat lightheaded and disoriented, and very nauseated. Basically, like death. ;-) The only thing that is keeping me from giving up is knowing that because I feel the way that I do means it must be working. Hubby said he felt the same way and I should feel better in a week. I can't wait for that energy surge that I hear about. Well, that's about it!
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